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When it comes to purchasing one of the best choices of smart phones for you, now the primary choice can be an Android or iPhone. However, this is not simple because both provide a plenty of amazing features that are same other than price and brand. Apart from this, you have to take a closer look at some of the major key differences.

These comparisons or differences can help you decide whether the android or iPhone smart phone is the right for you. In today’s world, people are upgrading their old tech phones with these best smart phones like android and iOS. When you shop any of these smart phones in these days, you must know about every device that is available on the market. Now, this is a right time for you to buy for a smart phone today!

Silver iPhoneAt present, there are plenty of people using Apple’s iPhone and Google’s Android phone. But, there is a heavy competition between these two, i.e. which one is better to use.

Both iOS and android phones can use touch interfaces, which also have a plenty in these common features include tapping, swiping and pinch and zoom.

Even these two operating systems can boot to the home screen as same as the computer desktop. When you consider android OS, it allows the widgets usage that shows the auto-updating information such as email and weather. While, the iPhone home screen consists of rows of app icons and its user interface is highly featured with a dock, i.e. where the users can pin their often used applications.


Major difference between Android and iOS

It is a main controversy that has been going for several years, Android or iOS? Primarily, getting a perfect answer to this question completely based on with which operating system is the best to use. However, the major different between the Apple’s smart phone and Google’s smart phone is like a day and night. First of all, you must understand the specifications of android and iOS. Let you take a close look at the following points:Android development

  • Customization. One of the greatest advantages to use an android handset. The nature of this phone’s open source model is allowing the third party app developers to develop a lot of add-on functionalities, which extend beyond the intrinsic capabilities of the operating system.
  • A few examples of customization possibilities of android include the ability of download everything from widgets to live wallpapers and also weather widgets to the lock screen of a device and so on.
  • On the other hand, the iOS owns a powerful reputation for being a clean, fast and secure as possible. When you are discussing about the benefits of iOS, it is very simple and easy to use with the simplistic layout and vibrant colors of its efficient user interface.
  • In iOS handset, the side loading of apps is non-existing. The only applications can be downloaded to this iOS device is those coming from the Apple app store. But it needs a jailbreak to their device.
  • Other than this, the iOS has maintained an excellent reputation as a user-friendly and stable interface, which offers an instant mobile experience for all the users. In today’s plug-and-play world, the iOS could emerge as a great platform form of a choice for the specific kind of users.

Similarities between android and iOS

The constant arguments between the android and iOS devotees are that the dual platforms provide vastly various experiences. Both systems’ functions work similarly in that they can simply facilitate the installation of applications, which perform desired functions. Both devices can use the same gesture conventions and touch for the operation of these devices.

And also, the two devices have same structures of navigation as well as user interface. Of course, the minor differences can also exist in these devices and its differences are more than merely cosmetic. Due to an increasingly app dependent and app driven mobile environment, the core OS are beginning to take a lot of backseat.

Comparison features of android and iOS

iOS development

Primarily, the Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android are the popular operating systems that often used in today’s mobile technology such as tablets and smart phones. The android is partly open source and Linux based as well as more PC than iOS. Its basic features and interface are commonly more customizable from top to bottom as well as its uniform design elements are being more user-friendly. Below are the brief comparison features of android and iOS that include:


Features Android iOS
DeveloperGoogleApple Inc.
First releaseSep 23, 2008Jul 29, 2007
OS familyLinuxOS X, UNIX
WidgetsYesNo, except in notification center
Available onMany tablets & phonesQuite difficult
File transferA lot easier than iOSiPhone, iPod touch & iPad
Internet browsingGoogle ChromeMobile Safari
Available languages100+ languages34 languages
InterfaceTouch screenTouch screen
First versionAndroid 1.0, AlphaiOS 1.0
Latest versionAndroid 8.0.0, OreoiOS 11

Top list models of iOS and android

Here are the top lists of models of these two smart phones:
iPhoneSamsung Galaxy Note 8
iPod touchGoogle Pixel XL
iPadLG G6
iPad mini Sony Xperia XZ1
iPad proHTC U11
Apple WatchHonor 8 Pro
Apple TVOne Plus 5T

Bottom line

Hope, the above article can helps you know the features, top models and understand the major difference between iOS and android. Ultimately, both android and iOS smart phones are featured-packed platforms with far more similarities than comparisons. Both phones work well and deliver you top quality as well as user-friendly experience and very easy to use. If you have got good opinions of one another, let you post your thoughts in comments.