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Virtual reality could be defined as the upcoming technology and it makes users feel in the virtual environment by using computer software or hardware. It enables people to deal with the information more easily. It makes it possible to experience anywhere, anytime and anything. There are a lot of discussion about vr trends and its future, but what do we know now, is that in a virtual reality environment, completely synthetic world may or may not mimic properties of the real world environment which mean virtual reality environment might stimulate everyday setting.

In a simple term, virtual reality is the computer technology which uses multi projected or virtual reality headsets environments in order to generate realistic images, sounds and other kinds of sensations which stimulates user physical presence in the imaginary or virtual environment.

Key elements of the virtual reality experience

A character in vr helmetIn order to get amazing virtual reality experience, you must know about certain elements such as:

  • Virtual world – it is the three dimensional environment which is realized via medium where one might interact with others. It might also create object as part of that interaction. In a virtual world, visual perspective is responsive to change in the movement and imitate interactions who are experienced in the real world.
  • Immersion- Virtual reality immersion is perception of being physically present in the non physical world. Based on the studies says that two common types of the immersion is available such as physical immersion and mental immersion.
  • Interactivity- Basically element of the interaction is important one for virtual reality experience to offer users with sufficient comfort to naturally engage with virtual environment. Suppose virtual environment might not respond instantly, human brain might instantly notice and sense of the immersion will moderate.
  • Sensory feedback- Virtual reality needs as many of our senses to be stimulated as well which includes hearing, touch and vision. In order to properly stimulate this sense then it is required sensory feedback which is achieved via integrated software and hardware.


Different types of the virtual reality

There are different types of the virtual reality are available and it might vary from its levels of immersion and application use cases such as

  • Semi immersive
  • Non immersive
  • Fully immersive

Non immersive stimulation is the least immersive implementation of the virtual reality technology. In a non-immersive man in vr helmet
stimulation only subset of the user senses are stimulated which allow for the peripheral awareness of reality outside virtual reality stimulation.

User can enter into the three dimensional virtual environment via window or portal by using standard high resolution monitor which is powered by processing power and it is found on the conventional desktop workstations. Semi immersive stimulation is offering more immersive experience but user is partly not fully immersed in the virtual environment.

Semi immersive stimulation might closely use and resemble most of the same technology that is found in the flight replication. Semi immersive simulations are power-driven by the HD graphical display which is frequently coupled with the multiple television display system or large screen display system to stimulate user visuals.

Fully immersive simulation is offering most immersive implementation of the virtual reality technology. In this full immersive simulation, hardware like motion detecting device or head mounted display is mostly used to stimulate all of user senses. This kind of the simulation is having capability to offer very realistic user experience by offering wide field of view, maximized update rate, high resolutions and high levels of the contrast into the user head mounted display.

What influence VR technology does on the brain?

The pattern of activity in brain region involved in spatial leaning in virtual world is completely different than activity in real world. Plenty of key components are involved in the virtual reality system such head mounted display, personal computer, input device.

Head mounted display is the type of device which contains display mounted in front of the user eye. Usually this display cover user full field of the view and display virtual reality content. Some of the virtual head mounted display might use smartphone displays such as Samsung Gear VR or Google Cardboard. Basically head mounted displays are frequently accompanied with the headset to provide for the audio stimulation.

Some of the common forms of the virtual reality input devices are available such as:

  • data gloves
  • joysticks
  • trackpads
  • motion platforms
  • motion tracker
  • device control buttons.

Each virtual reality head mounted display is series of the lenses, display screens, eye display and other various components. Three common sensors are available in virtual reality handset such as accelerometers, magnetometers and gyroscopes.

Virtual reality system demand substantial amount of the power and processing power required by virtual reality system could be broken down into certain categories such as input processor, rendering processor and simulation processor. Field of view is important component which is used in the virtual reality to offer users with the realistic perception of their environmental landscape.

Is VR technology safety?

Virtual reality is amazing one but is vr bad for eyes? It is safe to use when you follow safety manuals. Motion sensing vr system like PlayStation VR, HTC Vive and Oculus Rift involve ducking, standing, swinging your arms. Most of the studies say that virtual reality might not affect brain development. Modern vr headset achieves illusion of the depth by presenting every eye with slightly different image on the flat screen.

If you are looking to understand working function of the virtual reality headsets, you must understand certain things such as frame rate, field of view, audio, tracking and latency. It is mostly used in plenty of applications such as commercial and military. A well established example of the virtual reality is already used in the field of aviation training. Basically virtual reality allows you to make any environment for stimulated interactions. VR is the emerging breed of the technology which will take some time to take root like personal computer or automobile.

The role of the vr might play in future of the commerce so it is always important to know about vr technology. VR can also potentially helpful to business owners plan out the look of retail space.