5 Things You Didn’t Know About Minecraft

As we head into 2017, Minecraft looks as though it is just about to head into another solid year after recently launching the Education Edition of the game. It has been 8 years since the game originally launched, but much mystery still remains, even after the launch of sites like minecraftforfreex.com that lets you play the game for free without any limit. However, let’s unveil some secrets and fun facts about the game that you might not have known previously.

Huge World - In each world in Minecraft, there is an invisible barrier in every single direction around 30 blocks away from the center of the map. With the introduction of mods, it is possible to see the ‘edge’ of the world but, as your character moves, the blocks will load back in and keep you in the center. In fact, there's a YouTuber whose goal was to travel as far as possible, past the "Far Lands". Here is his latest video:

Furthermore, many sources have stated that each Minecraft block is one cubic meter in size. If this is the case, the over-world in Minecraft is larger than many planets in the solar system!

Creeper Error - Within the game, the enemies have become a key part for materials, enjoyment, and more. After the game exploded, the Creeper monster, famous for its own exploding, gained popularity and is now used for a number of merchandise items in real life. However, it could have all been so different from the start since the Creeper was created from a coding error. On Twitter a couple of years ago, one developer was answering questions when he revealed that Notch, the creator of the game, accidentally swapped the length and height values for a pig and the Creeper was born.

Funny Messages - When on the main screen of the game, you may have noticed the small yellow messages that pop up and these pieces of text are known as a ‘splash’. Normally generated randomly, they often pay homage to Star Trek, The Surfs, Star Fox, and many more movies and games. Aside from the movie references, there are also some that only show on certain occasions. For example, the term ‘missingno’ appears after deleting a file and this pays tribute to the famous Pokemon Red/Blue glitch.

Herobrine - In the very early stages of Minecraft, players were reporting a strange sight way off into the distance within their game. As strange as it sounds, the players said that it looked like their default character only it had milky white eyes. Over time, this character was announced as ‘Herobrine’ and no longer exists despite a few promotion campaigns. Can we really be sure he has gone though?

Paintings - Within the game, there are features that still amaze players to this day and little tricks from the developers that take months to realize. For example, there are many paintings in the game that are normally random when you place them on the wall. For those that have experience with these paintings, you will be well-aware that there are some that reference video games such as Grim Fandango and King’s Quest. However, did you know that there is a huge picture of the 100m level from Donkey Kong Arcade Game?

There we have it, five fun facts that you may not have known about Minecraft. When you see this, it is strange to see where Minecraft has come from to where it is now. Just think, the Creeper may not have existed if it wasn't for that coding error!