AD&D Saves Windows

Comprised of the high-quality art that has surrounded the worlds of AD&D, this screen saver and puzzle should appeal to role-playing computer 6 users everywhere.

U.S. Gold creates Advanced Dungeons & Dragons screen saver exclusively for Windows OS.

Realizing that computer users are just crazy for screen savers, the programs that supposedly protect your screen from burn-in (although that's no longer a threat with newer monitors), U.S. Gold is releasing one of the first screen savers solely for the new Windows 95 environment Called Riddle of the Runes, it utilizes over 175 different images from seven of TSR's most popular AD&D fantasy worlds. The images, combined with eight distinct soundtracks, video cut scenes, and an intricate puzzle the user can solve, make Riddle of the Runes one of the most interactive screen savers yet

The worlds profiled are Forgotten Realms, Dragon Lance, Ravenloft, Dark Sun, Planet Scape, Mystara, and Al-Quadim - all popular in both book form and as pen and paper role-playing games. The core of the screen saver is high-quality, high-res artwork from several top artists.

The screen saver is comprised of three modes - Adventurer, Seer, and Riddle Master. The Adventurer mode allows the user to choose different destinations on a map of the selected world; a line denoting travel moves from city to city, showing an appropriate picture when it arrives in a certain location. In Seer mode, the saver acts as a simple slide- show for the whole collection, with options to filter out worlds if desired. In Riddle mode, pictures are shown with certain clues in them. The player can use these visual clues to solve the Riddle of the Runes.

Riddle of the Runes should be available as you read this. For more information, call U.S. Gold at (415) 693-0297.