Wing Commander IV

The Kilrathi are back in Wing Commander IV, and so are those gorgeous graphics. Here, a Terran Confederation transport takes one in the side and explodes in a shower of sparks.

Last Christmas, Origin's Wing Commander III revolutionized the series, bringing movie-style production values, big-name actors, and some amazing graphics to PCs across the land. It was such an overwhelming advancement in technology and storytelling that even Wing Commander critics praised the accomplishment.

If you witnessed Wing Commander III's explosive ending, you might have thought the threat of Kilrathi attacks

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AD&D Saves Windows

Comprised of the high-quality art that has surrounded the worlds of AD&D, this screen saver and puzzle should appeal to role-playing computer 6 users everywhere.

U.S. Gold creates Advanced Dungeons & Dragons screen saver exclusively for Windows OS.

Realizing that computer users are just crazy for screen savers, the programs that supposedly protect your screen from burn-in (although that's no longer a threat with newer monitors), U.S. Gold is releasing one of the first screen savers solely for the new Windows 95 environment Called Riddle of the Runes, it utilizes over 175 different images from

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5 Things You Didn’t Know About Minecraft

As we head into 2017, Minecraft looks as though it is just about to head into another solid year after recently launching the Education Edition of the game. It has been 8 years since the game originally launched, but much mystery still remains, even after the launch of sites like that lets you play the game for free without any limit. However, let’s unveil some secrets and fun facts about the game that you might not have known previously.

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Wetrix – It’s Getting Wetter!

Apparently, Wetrix, Ocean’s recently announced 4 N64 puzzler, came about entirely by accident.

While the game’s developers, Zed Two, were messing about one afternoon, the idea of guiding building blocks to the ground in order to construct land masses, channels and dams just “came into being.

Mmm. Well, as with all good puzzlers, that’s only the beginning. As well as block-guidance skills, you’ll also need to collect water balloons that fall from the sky and earn further points by steaming them with fireballs. And that’s not all. The evil stench of whopping great bombs and dirt-shattering

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Learn Practical Skills by Playing Minecraft

Minecraft is a very popular video game that both kids and adults love playing. The good thing about this game is that kids can learn a great deal from the game, which has been emphasized on popular news sites for its educational uses. Some researchers have even suggested teachers to include this game in the curriculum, understanding its educational importance. It’s also one of the top 5 browser games and still continues to dominate YouTube’s gaming market.

Minecraft can teach some very important skills to kids. If parents can help their kids find the right communities and understand the purpose

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Steam Mobile App Does More Than You Can Imagine

If you have an account with steam, you would know how important it is to make sure that your log in details stays private as much as possible especially if you have a good amount of money on your steam wallet since this can be used to purchase a gift that can be sent to anyone.

This and some other security reasons are the main purpose of steam to come up with the new feature Steam Guard. There are times that you might need to access your steam account using a different computer, and in this case, Steam wanted to make sure that you are the only one who is doing so.

There are two options to

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