Learn Practical Skills by Playing Minecraft

Minecraft is a very popular video game that both kids and adults love playing. The good thing about this game is that kids can learn a great deal from the game, which has been emphasized on popular news sites for its educational uses. Some researchers have even suggested teachers to include this game in the curriculum, understanding its educational importance. It’s also one of the top 5 browser games and still continues to dominate YouTube’s gaming market.

Minecraft can teach some very important skills to kids. If parents can help their kids find the right communities and understand the purpose of playing this game, it can be a wonderful educational experience. If you want to try Minecraft for free to see how it can be helpful, visit http://minecraftforfreenow.net/ and agree to the rules to play.


Survival is an important human skill. After all, it is this skill that has helped humans to live through the difficult times. Kids can learn a great deal about survival from Minecraft. The game requires players to stay alive using their minimal resources and tools. They have to be efficient and creative in order to stay alive and feed. Kids who manage to survive in the game eventually end up improving their survival instinct and therefore they are able to live a better life outside the game world.

Resource Management

Whether you envision your kids running a small business or doing a 9-5 job, they will need to manage their resources to find the true happiness in life. If they fail at it, life will become difficult to live. Minecraft teaches resource management skills to kids without ever burdening their minds.

When players have spent a few days in the game world and they have grown their vision of what they want to do in the game, they have to think about resources. They will start managing them efficiently. For example, if a resource can be acquired by hand but an axe can do it faster, kids will understand that using an axe is the best option. Similarly, they will need to understand that their tools will eventually wear out and they will need more resources to continue. Children will be eventually start weighing the cost of labor and resources in order to build their dream world in the game.

Community Engagement

Minecraft has a large community. Players need to interact with the community to start enjoying the game. Players share their custom-made modifications, maps and artwork in their community. As a result, children learn to peruse their ideas with the help of community. They also learn to contribute back to the community whether it’s in shape of a quest map, a custom modification or artwork.

As a parent, you could explore special servers and forums for your kids and help them get along. They will engage in communal affairs and develop a deep understanding of behavior of other players. They will also learn the importance of being ‘good’ and useful to the community.

Geometry skills

Minecraft can be a great way for your kids to learn geometry basics. When your children play Minecraft, they learn a lot about geometry. They have to use these skills to build structures using blocks. They will learn about possibilities of using a six-faced cube in different ways while building sustainable structures. Check out this awesome geometry game one made in Minecraft.