Non 12 Step Rehabs and Why it Is Best For You

With all kinds of addictions on the rise, countless rehab centres have mushroomed leaving one overwhelmed to make a choice. The first dilemma is to select between alternate non 12 step rehabs or the traditional 12 step programs. This is easily solved by understanding the difference between the two.

The traditional 12 step program views the drug and alcohol addiction as the primary disease and all other issues stemming from this addiction. If the addiction is treated, other problems automatically vanish.

But the treatment at non 12 step rehabs takes an entirely different approach. The concept believes that though the addiction is a very important and critical part of the problem, there exists other underlying issue which also requires simultaneous address. Hence the biggest difference lies in the perception of what actually constitutes

The alternative non-12 step treatment is a more holistic and individualized plan tailor-made to each addicted patient. These are highly flexible plans which continually adjust and adapt to the needs of the patient. If a particular treatment plan is not working it is changed to one that yields better results. Unlike the traditional plans, the modern therapy looks for solutions for long term recovery and permanent therapy options. Because these adopt a holistic and bio-physical approach, they are getting increasingly popular.