Wetrix – It’s Getting Wetter!

Apparently, Wetrix, Ocean’s recently announced 4 N64 puzzler, came about entirely by accident.

While the game’s developers, Zed Two, were messing about one afternoon, the idea of guiding building blocks to the ground in order to construct land masses, channels and dams just “came into being.

Mmm. Well, as with all good puzzlers, that’s only the beginning. As well as block-guidance skills, you’ll also need to collect water balloons that fall from the sky and earn further points by steaming them with fireballs. And that’s not all. The evil stench of whopping great bombs and dirt-shattering earthquakes soon comes your way, ready to wipe out your nicely honed landscapes.

If all this seems hardly enough to fill 6 Megabits, let alone 64, that’s probably because the whole game is unlikely to take up more than half the capacity of your average N64 cart.